My Man Kendrick with style Ab-Soul, Joey Bada$$ & Smoke DZA in the Studio (Video) Takes you in the studio and talks about the work ethic that comes from where you do it. Catch him on Twitter @PavyWorld http://pavymerch.bigcartel.com/ Wayne talking about his Managers droppin D4 on September 3rd? Curren$y showin his love for his fans at Rock the Bells and some of the crew makin normal moves 2Chaiinnzzzzz!!! Childish goin in on Westwood TV Ol Boy killin it with the Native Instrument, remixing "Call Me Maybe" with Kanye a little mashup i guess. Dudes tight B.o.B doing what he does in the Backroom on BET Chevy Who?...a small documentary on Chevy Woods, tells about how he started in the game and about his life. (Wiz was there) Older video, but Nas explains his album and Album Cover which is Dope if you watch the vid. Meek Mill on the sets of the Club Paradise Tour Wiz workin on some new art in the studio D Goodz Coolin before performing at Banaroo 2012 Checkem out Nas planned to hang Jay-Z at the 2002 Summer Jams Concert

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Drake Gets PunkD by Ashton Kutcher, probably one of the best ones this year. YMCMB , Jim Jones, Nino Brown, Diddy, Busta etc. throwin it down at King of Diamonds on Memorial Day MGK celebratin his 22nd birthday and gets surprised by some others at the telly Jadakiss and Styles P arguing over which weed is better, We shoulda all know Turns out Wale just turns up outta nowhere and does the hook and a verse...Who Knows J.Cole Hype about some Krispey Kreme with no Napkins Whole MMG crew with French Montana, and T=Pain...Yo the life of a rapstar would be too nice. On he set of Bag Of Money Yo Mac Miller has the Fuckin life man, Chillen with the "Coke Boyz" on tour bus workin!! Got Bitches Bitches Bitches and mo Bitches starring Nick Cannon, E-40, Busta Rhymes, JBsmoov This would be funny as shit to see in a game, and they finished with the oop!!

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Chocolate Drop Vs. T-Pain You already know who got dis one!!

Katy Perry Covering "Niggas in Paris" yah really lol She don't do too bad neither watch out Kreyshaun or whatever

Wayne takin over the Basketball All-Star Weekend, so many stars were out!

Tyga and Mike Posner in a Reebok Commercial, Tight!

Can't Believe im Jus now seein this, this was 2010 who knows what they're doin now

All i do is Lin!!!

This Video is so true and Funny Ass Hell...Hahhh *Kanye

Wow Wow Wow

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Impersonates Gucci, Lil Wayne, Do or Die, Camron, and more Funny Guy!!

Broke Niggas in Paris, Thas Okay, Spoof

Nigga Kass at the show as we Speak, but i think its cool Tyler doin some jam sessions, BBNG killin it as well, the end is funny as shit

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Haha this S*it was funny to me....SWAg

Random I seen this on Yahoo...Dude Got Ricked!!! lol

Supposed to be the Last Series of the Day-to-Day. Sad beause I think thats how Wiz made it in the first place. I gotta post part 3

No Wayne can not skate lol, But YMCMB at the Fantasy Factory, thats like Paradise for me....

Peanut and TreeJay havin at...Hits from the bong, what I would do for money like that.